As a wellness and health marketing expert and coach, my goal is to help improve your  daily health. I've been fortunate enough to pursue my passion personally as well as professionally.


Life sometimes tests our coping mechanisms. I learned this the year I experienced several life changes; my uncle and my nephew passed away, new job, new home, third move and a close family relative's schizophrenia was triggered.   

In a short period of time, I struggled with insomnia, fatigue and stressed. Depression played a lead role as well. Anxiety rattled my nervous system. I'd wake up with morning tremors and struggled in denial for some time. There were other physical issues but refusing to deal with the anxiety was a huge setback on my part. I wasn't familiar with the physical impact so didn't conclude it was anxiety until someone who struggled with it told me.

I'd always lifted weights and had dabbled with a bodybuilder's diet but didn't know much else about nutrition. I started to read more and more about alkalinity, dehydration, organic vs. non-organic and re-introduced vegetables into my diet. Change was inevitable. 

While I had some basics in nutrition, I dove deeper. I stopped sugar, processed foods and discovered a wheat allergy.

Instead of focusing on what I couldn't eat, I focused on what I could. That's when I experienced lifelong change.

My digestion runs like clockwork. It didn't before. Physically I can do more than ever before, lift more weight, eat to balance activity levels and really feel energetic. I firmly believe this challenge happened so I could pursue my purpose to help others with similar afflictions. 

I began working with several  professionals who struggled with the same challenges. In some cases,  physical fitness became the gateway to deeper conversations regarding  food as well as stress and anxiety triggers.

I've experienced and seen a lot of break throughs with meditation, positive affirmations and studied the genesis of eating behaviors. Food cravings, comfort food and the weight loss process requires us to reexamine ourselves. It's important to undertake this task to break through for once and for all so you can finally address what happens with binge eating and understand the steps. Awareness does make a difference and at least gives you a choice.


Due to this, I've  developed additional programs to impact overall health. I started  Scratch the Diet because I want to continue to help others so they are  functioning in a happy healthy space 80% of the time. 

  • Nutritional plan development

  • Tailored fitness program

  • One on one coaching

  • Grocery shopping guidance

If you would like further information, please email me at or give me a call 7865879760. 

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