Nutrition and Health

Calories in and calories out. This course is a 35 minute 8 week course on healthy food options designed to give you a different perspective on the food you consume. 

Topics of Discussion: 

  • How to read labels

  • Organic vs Processed- what's the real deal?

  • Anti-oxidants how can you incorporate them into your diet?

  • Morning habits- why they matter

  • A guide on how to create your diet

  • Meal prepping for a busy life

  • How eating healthy can foster healthy family relationships

  • Carbs- How to tackle the addiction


Start dates:

Monday Class:

Oct 15-Dec. 3

Jan. 7-Feb. 25

Mar. 11-Apr. 29

Start dates:

Wednesday Class:

Jan. 9- Feb 27

Mar. 13-May 1

Classes will be held via zoom and are only for those who have subscribed and paid for the class. Please submit questions to prior to the class. We will cover 4 questions at the end of the presentation. 

Available class schedule will be updated again in April. 

Or for questions;