5 ways Vision boarding changed my life

At first I couldn't understand why hanging pictures on a board would help me focus on my purpose. Then I tried vision boarding and understood the practice alone provides the necessary me time one needs to truly remember what matters.

It keeps me on track with my goals & hopefully it will help you.

  1. First step is buy a board. I use large paper boards, whether it’s large or medium sized, ensure you can decorate with as much space as you need.

  2. Get some magazines or collect items that will easily glue onto the board. Don’t’ think too much about it, the right items will appear for you.

  3. Think about the next 12, 6 or 3 months and set an intention. Whether you start small with goals like losing 10 lbs, kicking a coffee habit, developing your social media or larger goals, things like owning an apartment whatever you think is your happiness focus on that. Remember there’s no right or wrong answer.

  4. Select images or words that design that intent clearly and then glue it on the board.

  5. Lastly place the vision board in close proximity so you can see it daily as a reminder of your goals. This will help keep you 100% focused.

Scratch the Diet- Eat Well. Sweat Often.

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