Change your mindset to achieve goals

Let's face it setting goals can be a challenge. For me, most were tied to weight loss or academics until finally I focused on life change.

I decided to take a class on personal development and creative insight. I learned a few takeaways I'd like to share.

Meditation- First thing in the morning is the best way to start the day. For 15 minutes (yes time it) focus on all that you are grateful for. This can range from simple items such as a new java joint around the corner to the health of someone you love. Gratitude is the key to happiness and it can shift your mood in the morning.

Water- I carry a jug at this point and even started a trend at work. Water is the key to health. 8 cups of water a day is actually misleading, you need more than that. It works your brain and your lymphatic system enabling you to think clearly.

Early morning walks- I made this part of my gratitude session. I'm so proud that Miami has the kind of weather that permits this to happen. I love being outside all the time, love being in the water but mostly it's just breathing air that makes a huge difference.

Time- Be patient with yourself and with others. Before rushing, ask yourself if its necessary to create an urgent situation or if the item can wait. Everything happens at its own pace not at your pace. Let it be.

Fitness- As many of you might know, I lift weights religiously. I love it. It feels great and I feel true happiness when I'm lifting heavy weights. For me, this provided a strength I never knew I had. I believe it can for everyone.

These items will help you achieve the mindset and clarity to set goals and crush them. Good luck on your journey.

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