Facegym- A natural lift for your face

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

We all work out our bodies to lift and tone but what about your face? One new franchise in New York is doing some of the heavy lifting for its' patrons. Visitors let their trainer tap and stimulate normally dormant facial muscles into shape.

The activity aids with collagen production so after you work out for killer abs you can visit Facegym a few times a week to have a face to match.

A huge hit in London, New York welcomed the first location last year and boasts additional locations well into 2019. Appeal for the gym ranges from 30-40 year old women but apparently also report some 20 somethings who want to get ahead on anti-aging. Ladies don't see this as an alternative to botox or other fillers as many women do visit in between those treatments. This is a natural alternative to other lifts.

Facegym can be easily found at several locations throughout the city and plans expansion well into 2019. It's a combination between a spa and a gym visit as stated in Fast Company's review of this gym.

Eat well, sweat often.

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