The Dangers of Low Blood Pressure

Everyone's drinking tons of lattes and java, working around the clock and trying to get ahead. Well sometimes these efforts while rewarded, do have a cost on your health. A recent issue made me delve into the Lows of Blood Pressure and I thought it critical to share with my colleagues.

Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure and it has several symptoms you might want to be aware of.

What causes low blood pressure?

  • Dehydration. Take note java junkies, this is no joking matter. For those of you who find it easier to drink 8 cups of coffee versus water, this can severely affect your health

  • Anemia. Not many of us even realize we have this illness.

  • Parkinson’s disease. While symptoms for this illness vary, low blood pressure can be an early indicator.

  • Spinal cord injury


  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Tingling in your hands and feet

  • Memory loss

No laughing matter right?

Well so what do you do to make sure that you’re receiving the right nutrients to combat low blood pressure?

Every drink counts so why not make it as healthy as possible. I recommend Alkaline water because it actually oxygenates your blood.

Oxygenated blood= happy blood.

First step is to find a top notch hydration system. Be mindful of what you put in your body as even water has different tiers. Spring water isn't going to do anything for you. Alkaline is emerging as a leader in that funnel. Santevia provides a water pitcher and also a countertop filter plus on the go options. Kangen, a Japanese filtration system, upgrades the water from the sink. Eternal, Essentia and Aqua Hydrate are OTC options available at most markets and even gas stations. Little side note, Aqua Hydrate was founded by Mark Wahlberg, Sean Combs and fitness guru Jillian Michaels. The water was created to hydrate athletes but truly all of us benefit from alkaline.

Be wary of drinks that dehydrate.

- Say no or reduce Coffee, wine or other forms of alcohol

Increase foods that hydrate.

- Cucumbers, grapes and watermelon

Supplements also provide relief from symptoms. Try B12 and Folate supplements while your blood pressure returns to normal. Be mindful of your health.

Eat well, sweat often.

Scratch the Diet

Interested in learning more about health? Consider health coaching.

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