Obesity and Exercise are both on the rise-What are we doing wrong?

Bloomberg and Associated Press report exercise and obesity are up. Many will ask how this can be true? Well, the answer lies in the quality not just the quantity of food we consume. Unclear labeling and mislabeling of foods as well as foods that promise to be low fat but lack other vital nutrients are key reasons this is happening.

If you’re on the path to health, start with these tips to change your life and that of your children as well.

Farm over Factory

Quality foods are imperative. Organic foods do make a difference and they do taste differently from modified foods. However, they are also pricey if you are feeding a family or even just yourself.

Quick cheat tips:

  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables with soft shells.

  • Fruits and veggies with hard shells are less susceptible to harmful fertilizers

  • Farmers markets have great prices. If you have one near you, savings at the farmers market versus the market can be up to 60% when purchasing food.

What quality foods to eat:

  • Find a green, any green food and stick to it. For many, vegetables are not their favorite food to eat, but you do need veggies to be successful. Veggies provide alkalinity and in many cases fiber the body requires. Blend it, chop it up into your meals and stick to it. Make it a routine.

Alkaline water.I can’t stress enough. Alkaline raises your PH balance and today with the high consumption of coffee, stimulants and sodas water can make a difference. Eternal is one brand available at the market, Aqua hydrate is another alkaline water option. Santevia is a water pitcher filter you can use at home and they have take on the go options.

Reduce sugar. It's a drug. It’s hiding in your foods and you have no idea how much sugar you are exposed to or eating. Since the FDA requested companies reduce sugar in their foods, companies began masking the ingredient with names such as molasses, sugar crystals and other ingredients that are essentially sugars.

Habits to Cultivate:

  • Eliminate processed foods.No drive-thru, no quick serve restaurants and finally bye-bye coke.

  • Meal prep.Cook at home and pack your meals for the day. You will save money, you will eat better and this will help you succeed with your long-term goals. We all falter and that’s ok. Make a mental check on it, try to avoid a relapse and continue on your journey.

  • Make most of the calories you can burn in one day. Move in the mornings. Take a walk, lift weights, start your routine then. Why? Well when you lift weights in the morning you start burning calories earlier in the morning causing a trickle effect throughout the day. When you lift weights at night, you limit the amount of time you can capitalize on this. Yes, that’s the only reason.

Remember you are not alone. There are several people who are struggling with this epidemic. There are also delivery to home options you might want to consider. Hellofresh is one in case you don't have a farmers market nearby. Contact me if you need assistance with options. I'm happy to help.

Eat well. Sweat Often

Scratch the Diet

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