The Trick to Meditation

Meditation. Try it they said, you'll like it they said, and well, they were right. Talk about clarity and less anxiety, finally I feel like I found an incredible way to modify my head game. In the past, I'd reduced coffee consumption, eliminated sugar, practiced bikram yoga, and tried different kinds of exercise until I finally decided why not just try to meditate. Done with stress, elevated cortisol and at times anxiety, I started my meditative practice to embrace a digital detox life changer.

How do you start?

Meditation isn’t for everyone I know, but well, like everything in life, you’ve got to just do it.

Quick tips to meditate:

  • Find a soft pillow and/or yoga mat to sit on first and instead of ‘clearing’ your mind, name 5 things you are grateful for. After all, happiness begins with gratitude.

  • On day 1, my goal was simply to try it for two minutes.

  • I focused on breathing in deeply and exhaling. Everyone says focus on your breath and they are correct. When you focus on deep breathing, you realize how imperative it is to oxygenate, it delivers clarity in ways only a pause can.

  • Next, I recited the 5 items I am grateful for and then just spoke them out loud.

  • Some people sit cross legged, others just sit on their haunches. Choose what feels like the most comfortable for you. I also touch my index finger to my thumb. The action is supposed to help seal the peace and tranquility you are in the process of manifesting.

For me, I thank the universe for my health, for my family/friends’ health, for my puppy and truly for my good fortune. I repeat this over and over again until these are the only thoughts on my mind. If distractions start, I begin to speak them out loud as this resets my focus.

I started with 5 minutes a day and five grateful thoughts. Soon it became 15 minutes. I find peace and I do this practice every morning to make sure I set the tone for the day. In instances where stress ensues, I take a moment and breathe deeply to reset.

For additional tips on how to meditate, check out or attend a meditation class. It really does help make a difference.

Guided meditations can also be helpful to organize your thoughts or steer your focus towards your meditation. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra have some great meditations to help you cultivate a habit. Try not to get frustrated with yourself if meditation doesn’t come easily, one day it will just set in for you.

Eat well. Sweat often.

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