Cauliflower Pizza- the new cheat meal

Pizza really is my favorite food. Growing up in New York, my special days were spent walking a few blocks to the neighborhood pizza joint. Sometimes my dad would take me and sometimes it was Carmen, my moms friend. I loved the walk, loved the aroma of soft bread crusts as they carried down the block and the way the guy with the apron threw the freshly decorated pizza into the oven.

As time went by, I realized the excessive carbs were perhaps not the way to go. But how do I give up my favorite meal? Well Cauliflower pizza made a difference for me. For a really long time, I looked at alternatives. The closest I came was Power Pizza, a great franchise here in Miami. Ingredients were primarily healthy and they used whey ingredients in the dough but still I felt bloated once I finished and I couldn't opt for the non-cheese version.

Then I discovered Cauliflower pizza and realized it was a great compromise. The first time I came across it was online where I hunted up this option and had it shipped to my home. The cost made it unsustainable. Luckily, Milam's in Miami started carrying options and then Publix also started carrying this product as well. I added organic sauce, spinach and some ground chicken. After a long day, cauliflower filled me up and gave me an extra boost of vegetables. I've become even more creative with it and added all kinds of peppers as well for added taste.

So if you're in the mode for a pizza, remember there are options.

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