Kick the Sandwich Habit

Did you know you had an addiction between two slices of bread? Growing up a latchkey kid, the easiest way to prepare a ‘meal’ was to turn to a ham and cheese sandwich. I thought if I added an apple I’d met all of the food groups in the pyramid.

Flash forward and welcome the sub and different options of baguettes and bread. Carbs flooded mainstream America and the aroma of freshly baked bread became as important as a lavender essential oil.

Then Atkins became popular. Welcome carb elimination and hello yo-yo dieting. Nutrition equaled low carbs and high protein. Ketosis became the go to but honestly what happened to leafy greens, vegetables in general and ‘good’ carbs- YES they do exist.

Bread has undergone over 26,000 permutations and does not permit your body to process it quickly. So how do we bounce back from all the misinformation out there and how do we reduce our dependency on these quick meals? Well there are options. While some people might suggest dependency on Franken foods like protein bars and shakes, home cooking can make a difference as can meal prepping.

Here are some tips for you to work with;

Plan and prepare your meals on Sunday. Yes, it’s time on a Sunday but it’s time well invested. OR meal prep on a Saturday so Sunday can return to relaxing.

  • To be successful, make sure you pack easy to eat snacks like the following;

  • Carrots with hummus

  • Almonds

  • Eggs primarily egg whites. The trick with this snack is that it circumvents cravings. Bring an avocado to mix it up and Himalayan salt for a little flavor.

  • Probiotic vanilla yogurt

  • Strawberries

Avoid Carb deprivation. Evaluate your activity needs throughout the day. Will you be expending a lot of physical energy or not? If you are, eat accordingly. There’s little you can accomplish without the right fuel. Carbs can help and they do. Focus on the good carbs and just practice moderation.

  • Lentils

  • Black Beans

  • Hummus

These are all great sources of carbs the body does not stress itself to digest and options for you to consider when fueling your body.

On another note sweet potatoes and brown or black rice actually are options as well. Sandwiches using seaweed instead of bread is also an option to keep on your radar. Good luck kicking the habit and enjoy the reset.

Eat well. Sweat often

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