Labs make Heart Health and Cholesterol Monitoring easy

It's a good idea to check your vitals at a local lab to stay on top of your health and create healthy heart KPI's as well as set goals. Many companies offer incentives for this kind of tracking but in the least you are the benefactor of this knowledge.

Recently I underwent bloodwork (Labcorps) that indicated my LDL (bad cholesterol) was borderline troublesome which led me to immediate research on the matter. A few points away from unhealthy is a few points too many in my opinion.

I've found some interesting nuggets I wanted to share;

- There is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL)

- People with higher cholesterol seem to live longer. I'll note the article eludes to a cumulative cholesterol, it does not reflect individual breakdowns of the cholesterol types.

- Curious about the normal range for your age, click here.

- Exercise and weightlifting can help

- Introduce foods with good fat like avocados to your diet. Eliminate oils like canola, vegetable and avoid butters as well as cheeses. Anything that can clog arterial passages will not help your heart.

I'll confess I'd been quantifying poor food choices with the old adage, calories in/calories out. I discredited myself as I have always said its food quality that matters. I make mistakes too and a bag of M&M's as well as processed foods do not equate healthy. That being said, the holidays are here so try to be moderate as most people indulge in foods and beverages that not only make you gain weight but can cause damage to your body in the following year. The good news is, once you're already in the habit of making good food choices, rekindling that habit is a lot easier than starting from scratch. Finally, it's not a good idea to have this test the Monday after Thanksgiving so I'll try again in January to see if there is a change.

If you do need help to adjust your diet or better understand what's going wrong, feel free to reach out.

Eat well, sweat often.

Scratch the Diet

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