My Favorite 2018 Video Guides

A lot of my time is spent on researching exercises and processes to further improve my workout routine. My main goal is always to switch up routines so that I can challenge myself as well as others. Motivation while important is most critical when paired with habit, so try to make wellness a habit in your life. That being said, I do follow people who I think are truly talented and spearhead different movements in the fitness industry. I feel you can learn on your own but the experts are experts for a reason. Below, I've included some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy these as well and learn a little something. Remember wellness is not a one size fits all solution. It's bio-individual and you need to really consider what will work for you.

That being said, this is Erin Stern below. Who is she? 2x Ms. Olympia who competes in Figure category. She weighs about 138 lbs and is 38 years old. Fitness is not a number on a scale or an age. It is a lifestyle. Below she answers most asked questions. Enjoy.

Secondly I need to recommend Bret Contreras, AKA, the Glute Guy. This guy is so focused on the booty muscles he's developed his own equipment to support his premise on muscles to activate as well as hinge movements to incorporate all parts of the gluteus muscles. Bret's Glute Lab videos are great. He trains about 10-15 women who he affectionately calls the Glute Squad. I chose Bret because I'm currently doing the Glute challenge and seeing results.

Finally, I'll give a shout out to Yaxeni Oriquen, former Ms. Olympia in the heavyweight class. People who lift diligently understand that competing in the Olympia is no easy task and winning isn't either. Yaxeni owns Rypt Gym in Miami, Florida and walks the walk. Tons of people say bodybuilders are self-obsessed etc. Guess what? A little self care does a body good. Yaxeni is at the gym all the time, provides tons of nutritional advice and is just so helpful. The woman's main goal is to motivate you to feel better.

Hope you enjoy these videos and take the best from them all.

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