Bellicon- the new workout for all ages

A trampoline you might think? Yes, a trampoline.

What does this do for you? Gets your lymphatic system going from home. Most people struggle with digestion, struggle with constipation and this will help you get your body moving in the right direction. Yes, it's playful and yes, it's fun. No one said exercise had to be boring and Bellicon is proving that. For years, I'd recommended trampolines in backyards. It's a fun way to spend time with your family and actually to reactivate that side of you that wants to play again.

I loved this video and wanted to share with everyone because this trampoline comes in different sizes and with different resistance bands depending on you. It has hand holders for those who might need more assistance, a t-bar for others and then free form for people with greater coordination and control.

Experience joy, jump on a trampoline and get moving.

Eat well. Sweat often.

Scratch the Diet


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