Monday Flash; Hug Yourself

We don't move on from grief, we just learn to deal with it. Odd for a wellness blog right? Well, today on a Monday, I thought we might want to take a moment to hug ourselves and stop pretending everything is perfectly alright.

During one year of my life, in a 6 month period, I lost my uncle in a freak sleep apnea incident, lost my 4 year old nephew who had been born with Cerebral Palsy and in someway lost my mom as well. Depression is not temporary sometimes and it's difficult to move on. PTO is really just a few days. Ironic isn't it? Even a new job has a 90 day grace period.

Point is, we all have something. It might not be so dramatic as death, it might be another kind of loss; a relationship that ended, a divorce, maybe being fired. Conversely, it can also be positive loss; a new job (forgetting the old toxic one), a new relationship (the death of the old toxic one) and perhaps even moving. These events at times cause grief, at others joy, we need to remember both and honor ourselves by allowing those emotions to arise. In society, we're often taught to compose ourselves but we don't need to abide by others rules. We can express how we really feel and stand firmly in our truth.

Today, I just wanted to say, show yourself a little empathy as if your story were a friends who came to you for comfort. Sometimes we need to remember to hug ourselves as we would others.

I received inspiration from this video and wanted to share. Sometimes, it is ok to not be fine.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Remember to feed your body and your mind nutrient rich joyful edibles.

Eat well. Sweat often.



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