Monday Meal Prepping Cheats

So I spent last night cooking up a storm for this week to keep myself from cheating. I'm really fortunate because I have a ton of flexibility with my schedule and love what I do. I also understand 9-5 is America's norm and so many struggle trying to find ways to cook satisfying meals for their day. Here's a quick breakdown of my recommendations;

Real Good Foods

Benefits: Healthy meals that can easily be transported to and from work. High protein in most cases, just check the sodium levels and see if it works for you. These are comparable to most 'weight watcher' meals on the market and other products sold at your local grocery store.

Primal Palate

Primal Palate is another gem that offers paleo friendly meals to help you get through the day. The site has evolved to offer recipes with some well thought out seasoning options. I encourage you to visit this site and have some meals delivered. This is truly the closest to healthy living you can get from a made to order in my opinion.

Healthy Snacks

I've compiled a list of my favorite go-to snacks online so that you can choose from different options. Please CLICK HERE to view my own curated lists of easy meals to keep those food cravings away. It's a challenge to eat well at times and I'm really aware of that. I do not endorse anything I have not tried myself. I look for quality foods that are easy to carry to work and/or even on vacation. I like to have tasty meals so I try not to sacrifice in that aspect. I also encourage others to eat tasty meals as well to avoid sabotaging yourself.

Enjoy the offerings!

Please let me know if you need help with your own customized program.

Eat well. Sweat often.

Scratch the Diet

Email with questions!

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