Bodybuilding Hack; Train Legs to Reshape your Body

Since I read a book detailing Rachel McLish's routine, I fell in love with training legs. After 6 months of training, I'd go to the gym and girls would approach me to ask me what I was doing and if I could train them. My obsession with legs was just reinforced. I started running sprints to grow my calves and quads. I did leg extensions until a diamond formed. My body was truly reshaping itself.

That being said, there are a few ways for you to really attain amazing legs. Someone else might say the routine I'm about to dish out is overtraining but well, we all have opinions. We're all different so it could be you don't need to do the same routine.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday routine

Warm up with mobility exercises. Some people prefer a quick 5 minutes, I think you need 20. I prefer to go for a brisk 20 minute walk, stopping every quarter to do 20 pushups and if possible 20 sit-ups as well. After a 5 minute cool down period where I drink some water, eat some almonds the work out begins.

Another 5 minute warm up. You can warm up by walking on the treadmill, doing alternate glute kickbacks with the cable machine or kneeling donkey kicks. I prefer a combination of the last two as they will activate your glutes, adductors and hamstrings prior to workout. 3x20 for each.

Group 1:

Grab 10 lb dumbbells and start with fixed lunges.

3 sets (10 on each leg for a total of 20 each set)

1 set of 20 jumping jacks between

3 sets of hamstring curls (20/15/12 & 10 - the 20 should be your warm up set) Increase the weight as time permits

Group 2:

Leg Extensions (3 sets 20/15/12/10. The 20 should be your warm up set)

Inner thigh squats (3x20) Do these with a dumbbell. Choose one that is heavy enough to create resistance but is about 60% of your max.

*You can superset the two above if you like or stick to intervals with 45 second breaks in between

3 sets of pushups (20 each set)

Group 3:

Squat 3X20 butt to the ground. We're not here to max out but to get some solid strong Squats instead. Make sure that you use proper technique when doing this exercise. You should be tired by now but push through.

V-ups in between 3X20

Deadlifts- 3X20 Again, proper form is imperative. We don't need to max out here but aim for 75% of your max weight on these.

Alternate- This can be a substitute for any of the above mid-week just to change things up and confuse your muscles. I only suggest including the alternate on week 3.

Hip thrusters- 8X20

Bench sit ups in between

smith machine squats 8X20

Try this for 8 weeks along with your bicep/chest/tri/back routine and let me know how you feel.

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Love your body. Fuel your mind.

Eat well. Sweat often.

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