Dubai-isms-Be the Human Your Dog Believes You Are.

While it's certainly worth a chuckle, I'll confess my dog teaches me valuable lessons every day. I can only aspire to be as good a person as he is, all day every day.

Morning Walks Matter

Even if it's for a brief 10 minutes, go outside in the morning and take it all in. Linger at the horizon and enjoy the colors in the sky. Greens vary amongst the grass and the scent of the morning is misty at times. By me, the water is at times like glass at others, full of ripples. Just breathe it all in before continuing with your day.


When a dogs nose is dry, its a clear sign he needs water. Keep his bowl full and keep your bowl full too. If you're thirsty, it's a sign you're already dehydrated. Drink a lot of water and take a ton of bathroom breaks to keep those intestines working.

Greet Others with Joy unless their butt smells fishy.

For the most parts, dogs are happy or in the very least curious to meet others. First they'll sniff each other and then generally either play if they like each other or keep moving. Think about this and let it set in.

Also remember sometimes dogs bark at each other momentarily but quickly forget and even befriend each other at a later time. Learn that lesson.

Downward dog daily

As soon as you wake up, stretch. Downward dogs are the best to get a full body stretch when you've been wrapped up in the same position for too long. Its important to make sure that your mobility is intact. So whenever you've been sitting for too long and or twisted in an odd position, stand, downward dog and keep going. Who knows? You might start a trend.

Embrace those you love with cuddles and kisses especially when they aren't at their best.

Dogs know when someone is wounded, either physically or emotionally. They are highly vigilant empaths set out to show you unconditional love. They will shower you with their presence and lean in to make you feel that you are not alone. Do that for others. Sometimes words are not what people need but just the idea that someone out there loves them unconditionally and will be there for them when they most need it.

Have a wonderful day. The weekend is near.

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Eat well. Sweat often.


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