6 quotes from Game of Thrones that deepened my Yoga Practice

Bend the Knee

Yes the famous Bend the Knee, Daenerys says it frequently, Cersei does too as does Sansa. We all need to learn to Bend the Knee. Yoga taught me how to do it in the right direction and with steadiness. Bending the knee for lunges, bending the knee for warrior pose and learning to bend the knee for downward dog all increase flexibility and deepen your practice. Speak with an instructor to learn how to properly do all of these so that you can make the most out of your yoga practice.

Seek an Advisor

Yoga teachers are just that. Not going all the way down on the downward dog? Struggling with back issues but want to participate in a class? Stressed and need to gain control over insomnia etc? Yoga can help and your teacher can be your guide. Find a good studio, one where you really enjoy the classes and model your practice. It took me a long time to find the right studio. I’d been practicing for a while but it wasn’t sinking in, until finally one day it did.

You May Need Straps

Straps are your weapon of choice to use for yourself of course. They can help you achieve poses and the correct form if used properly. Have a chat with your teacher so that they can show you how to best use straps to elongate your spine, better adjust hips, stretch hamstrings or quads and improve your practice.

Nothing isn't Better or Worse than Anything. Nothing is just... Nothing.

Your practice is your own. Try to be mindful of your progress during class. You’ll be 100% in some classes and you might not be in others. In one class tree pose is a piece of cake and in others, balance might be off. Progress can’t be measured by the person beside you but only by you.

The Past has Already Been Written. The Ink is Dry.

Like many things, we can learn a lot from kids like staying in the present. Children are not bogged down by the past so they don’t carry the weight of nonsense on their shoulders any longer. It’s really important to focus on the present at all times. I had a friend who used to carry a small pin with her and whenever she found herself delving into thoughts about the past, she’d poke herself softly in the thumb. It was enough to make her focus on the present and boot her out of her ruminations. Focus on where you stand, revel in it as this instance will not happen again.

It takes Courage to Admit Fear.

Some of the poses do require time and effort. Normally one doesn’t walk into yoga and do a handstand. People who want to deepen their practice do achieve these goals however. It’s important that we understand what makes us afraid as we challenge our body with different poses. Every pose requires both a physical and mental effort as well as a spiritual one. Struggling with a pose? Question it, do some research, ask a teacher to see if they can help.

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Be Well. Sweat Often. Scratch the Diet.

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