Diet like a Dothraki

Why are the Dothraki the fiercest warriors in Westeros? It's mostly because of what they consume and the exercise these nomads undertake.

As nomads, one has to consider that a person will need to eat what is nearby. Consider eating foods that are locally grown or in season. Berries don't grow in the winter where I live so most likely it's a good idea to wait until September/October when they are available again. It's environmental food cycling at its best.

If you live by water, consume more fish. It's nearby, easily accessible and in most instances what you were intended to eat. Nomads like the Dothraki knew they had to make the best of their environment. I suspect we still need to follow that practice.

Much like our Paleo friends in Game Of Thrones, we need to consume only fuel we will use. Excess eating will only slow us down. We must be mindful that we also expend energy to keep up the conditioning required to make strides. Being strong allows you to burn additional calories on any given day. Match your caloric intake with your caloric expenditure or in the very least, be conscious of it.

The greatest challenge for paleo or any diet however is cooking. What I love about this lifestyle is most foods are just a matter of seasoning and then they are ready. In this case it's a matter of incorporating whey proteins with your meals, some egg whites and then a few different seed selections.

For meat eaters, stick to lean proteins if you can. I believe that too much meat is really detrimental to your digestive tract and, unless 100% grass fed could be an issue with heart health in life.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the benefits of fish and infusion of greens in my diet. My skin looks so much better and my digestion is improved. Fish do not leave the weighted feeling one has when eating meat like pork and beef. It also does not tax the body the same way.

All of this being said, take a lesson from the Dothraki way of life but don't fight the white walkers without dragon glass please :).

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Be well. Sweat often.