America grazes towards a $600 Billion Snack Industry

America’s grazing towards a $600 billion snack industry by 2025, As per a Goldman Sachs estimate the 5% growth is primarily attributed to the salty snack funnel.

So, why the growth spurt?

As America continues the shift from sit home dinners, portable food demand continues to rise. Snacks take on a key importance because three meals a day are not the norm any longer. With the speed of today’s world, we prefer to snack heavily and have therefore adjusted our food intake.

The Good and the Bad

Interestingly local craft type brands with a focus on organic are vying for dollars from the current workforce and the ever-growing millennial cohort. Premium brands continue to pick up brands like Skinny Pop to continue their relevancy and monopoly in the market. When changes like this happen, consumers must be mindful of hidden ingredients as cutting corners and making profits may impact snack food quality.

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