Morning Rituals; Meal Prep and more

My days have been off and I've been struggling with stress, doses of anxiety and some insomnia as well so I decided to reset to my morning ritual. While the first few days are always the hardest, once that routine is established it's a lot easier to keep up that rhythm.

I started my morning series on youtube so I'm inviting you all to weigh in. This will be the first of a series and I'm happy to share some of the content I curate daily.

Meditation, yoga, exercise and goal setting are part of my morning ritual. It permits me to clear my head and to move throughout the day without losing my focus on what is most important.

I am thankful to you for allowing me to share a few of these snippets with you. I'll be posting as frequently as possible and I'd love to hear your feedback, like habits or other suggestions.

In health and happiness,

Scratch the Diet