CBD oil; Stress Relief or Hype?

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With the legalization of Marijuana and the surge of CBD products on the market, it’s important to delve further into these OTC products to distinguish between fallacy and truth. This development led me to ask, is stress relief a roll on away?

Let’s start with the commercially available CBD Oil found at your local Vitamin Shoppe.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD OIL brand relief

As per the vitamin shoppe site;

CBD comes from hemp, and hemp comes from the cannabis plant. Wait, what? Ahhh, this is where some confusion and concern usually comes in. But, think of the cannabis plant as having two different varieties, or strains. Hemp comes from one, separate strain, and it holds many uses. Clothing, butter, even surfboards, can be made from hemp and now, CBD oil.** Here's what you should know. Hemp cannot contain m ore than 0.3% of THC, the psychoactive compound found in the other variety of cannabis.** Here's what hemp does do. CBD hemp extract supports the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). Keeping the ECS in balance can positively impact our bodies overall, as it influences how we react and adapt to the environment, the foods we eat and more. ECS supports communication and coordination between different cell types where the different body systems connect. And supporting our ECS-as CBD hemp extract does-is pretty important stuff. So, CBD hemp extract provides no psychotropic effects, but it does support some really good functions going on in our bodies.

** as per vitaminshoppe.com

How do you consume it?

This particular product is available as a roll on. It’s to be applied in the clavicle area, the wrists and strategically in the under foot. This soothing feeling does happen shortly thereafter but it’s worth reapplying every few hours or as needed. Always remember to listen to your body. How are you feeling? Do you feel calmer? Do you need to reapply? If the scent doesn’t provide any tranquility, maybe it won’t work for you.

My experience

I felt stress relief right away. It was unexpected. It doesn’t work the way I imagined. I anticipated an almost drugged feeling one feels from too much nyquil. Interestingly, I drank some coffee which is a stimulus and managed to stay even keeled. Throughout my day there were several of the usual triggers that had little to no effect on me. I recognized them but didn’t feel the usual response felt previously. I was able to consider and think through items in a way I wasn’t able to before.


Try it on a day off to ascertain your comfort with the product then use it on a Monday and see how it goes. Note: It is little more than an essential oil blend with the right components to activate tranquility.

I hope this review serves to be helpful to those of you who struggle with stress in such a way that yes, it does impact you daily. Relief is possible and, in this case, a roll on away.

Please note, food consumption does play a critical role in this process. Maintain healthy food consumption. Avoid sugars and try not to skip meals. Fuel your body consistently to feel well both mentally and physically.

Eat well. Sweat often.

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