Meditate; because every successful person does

How do you get the hang of mediation? Is it a concept that frustrates you because you just don't seem to get it? I felt that way and I'll be honest I even went as far as to think that it was a little 'too alternative' for me. I mean who can sit for a 5,10, 20, 30 minutes for long periods of time and not do anything? From an arm's length perspective, I can understand the genesis of this.

First, ask yourself, why meditate?

> Ward off Stress

> Reduce anxiety

> Learn how to breathe (yes, you've been doing it wrong)

> Elevate inner peace

> Empower you mind

> Struggle with insomnia?

> Famous entrepreneurs do this, so why shouldn't I try?

Make it a daily practice

I know. I know. How can I schedule time with myself? Let's get serious. Well, the most successful people in the world do this for a reason. For me, it started with a timed 15 minute morning meditation. I wrote down several things I expressed gratitude for. I repeated them out loud during the 15 minutes. Day 1, I just went through the steps. Day 2, it started to evolve. My recommendation, continue to practice even on days when you don't feel like it. It's 15 minutes of your day. No more is necessary unless you choose to schedule it. Tap into yourself in about 1 week and think about how you feel. I promise it will be different.

Make it comfortable for your tushy

Find a pillow, find a place with a little bit of sunshine, find an outdoor space you want to meditate in. Some people do it on their balcony. Some practice in their bedroom. Some, like me, find a place in the grass to sit while looking at the ocean and start my meditation. It depends n your surroundings, but try a place where you will not be interrupted. Moms, don't be afraid of closets lol and dads, run to the bathroom if you must. It really does require a space where you can be dedicated to you in an uninterrupted way.

Scents make sense

Love lavender and well if you have some CBD oil you can try that as well. All you need is an oil designed to quell the senses not stimulate them like peppermint perhaps.

Auditory tones massage your insides

For those of you who love to hear peaceful tunes or even sound bowls, find your tune and stick with it. Music elevates every experience, meditation is no different. Chanting also provides a lot of solace during mediation and can work to center your mind.

Meditative practices vary

Sometimes, I speak my gratitude out loud. Sometimes I focus on taking deep breathes. Meditation makes my skin tingle when I do the latter. Breathing deeply for a long period of time is known to destress the body immediately. It's lauded in yoga and several other practices. This is a great way to begin your daily ritual.

For additional tips and tricks, feel free to DM me. I'm happy to help.

Eat well, sweat often.

Scratch the diet.