Whittle your middle to lose the Belly, Gut, Beer Belly & Pouch

In a world of crop tops, bikini bodies and beach selfies, what can you do to strengthen your stomach muscles and reduce that waistline?

First, focus on nutrition. Some will say focus on Keto, focus on Atkins, focus on Paleo and/or try low fat etc. I’m here to say forget the diets. Think about all the basics you can take away from ANY diet.

Eat breakfast

Why? You have a long day ahead of you, this should be the largest meal of your day. Every meal after this meal should be smaller in terms of portion control AND/OR determined by your energy expenditure prior to a specific activity. For instance, leg day at the gym, a 10 mile run etc. In those cases, try to eat a fuel heavy meal 45 minutes prior to allow for absorption of food before strenuous exercise.

Avoid processed foods

What does this mean? If it comes in a can or can be easily microwaved avoid this. Real food, real results. Learn to cook. If you don’t want to, find a soulmate who can help you.

Move More

Most people are at a desk all day or just standing. Schedule movement first thing in the morning and throughout the day. If you are NOT walking, you are increasing your body fat, stomach fat, cellulite and ultimately hurting your digestion.

Find a physical activity you enjoy

This differs from just moving as mentioned above. This is a dedicated one, two and potentially three hour commitment to physical activity like lifting weights, running, yoga, cycling etc. Being outside in nature is a good way to forget time, breathe in fresh air and commit to self care. Invite others to activities with you so that you can cultivate relationships. This too is part of health and wellness.

Plank, plank often

This exercise is one of my favorites for the core. Create a habit of planking for minutes throughout the day. Test yourself and try to beat your own records. Planking can make all the difference in external obliques and internal ab development. It helps with focus and concentration also.

Do a ton of vacuums.

This waist cincher entails sucking in your stomach for extended periods of time. Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by this activity and attributed his lean waistline to this exercise. The compliment to this is squats and deadlifts as they also activate these muscles but vacuums alone are quite the complete ab activator.

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