60 Days of Yoga

For many years, I've practiced different types of yoga and finally this year, decided to take my practice to another level. I followed my heart and decided to immerse in a teacher training program to further my knowledge and better comprehend the poses I'd practiced at different times during this journey.

The change has been dramatic, the teachings are priceless. In yoga, every move cultivates a deeper harmony within the body. I used to joke that I felt my organs moving when lifting heavy weights, well, with yoga the shifts are even deeper. It's as if I'm receiving an internal massage.

So what has changed? I'll share some poses that have impacted me the most.

- Pranayama- I've adjusted my breathing to another level. I knew deep breathes would calm me down but now I can say I understand the psychology behind breathing techniques. The need to quicken one's breath at times as well as to slow it at others.

- Tadasana- Stand tall like a mountain. Balance at its epitome. When you lean to different sides of your body, you will not be in balance. Practice awareness of your stance, with your arms equidistant from your body and your legs hip width apart. The difference will surprise you, but will also resonate.

- Camel pose- I'd once understood this to be the ultimate expression to activate the heart chakra. Today I see it represents bravery, vulnerability and empowerment in one breath or rather several. I'd once practiced this pose, hoping I'd be able to open my heart by mimicking the movement but it eluded me. It is only today that I recognize the pose for what it is and marvel at the ultimate acknowledgement of openness.

What more have I learned?

Yoga is a thousand+ year old quest to bring harmony to the body and the world around it. Yogis practice the present, do not worry about the future for that is anxiety or dwell in the past for that is depression. There are clear paths to achieve tranquility and balance, whether it is in this lifetime or in another. The yogi is alway in a state of progress though to some it might seem as if they just practice the same pose over and over again. In reality what is happening is a deepened exploration, a true love affair with one's soul. In this instance you can practice 1000 times and still you are not the master but a student. Humility is your best attribute if you practice yoga because you must be willing to learn and patient enough to know you have not 'arrived' anywhere but are rather always in fluctuating states of being.

I have learned much in these 60 days but most importantly I have learned we all have a light that is shining through daily. At times we recognize our friends with this light and, at others, fail to be cognizant of this. With yoga, every day, we believe it is the divine being in me greeting the divine being in you. Namaste.

I would like to thank David Yglesias and my fellow yogis for this journey.

I took my course at Energy Yoga in Doral and recommend David's class to anyone yearning for a deeper understanding of their yoga practice and of themselves. Again, you'll be surprised, that I can promise you.

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