Baby it’s cold outside, Welcome to the Wim Hof method

Many of you have seen his face even if it’s just fleeting news updates where there’s a man with a speedo sitting in the ice, well that man has a name, Wim Hof. Featured on Bill Maher’s Vice program, Hof has gained somewhat of a cultish following as someone difficult to explain.

Freezing temperature in half naked garb though? One might ask why someone would do this?

Hof has mastered a breathing technique that’s said to optimize his immune system so that despite the cold, he controls his body temperature and maintain body heat regardless of environment. Scientists have even studied his physiology and found Hof had developed this brown adipose fat found in babies and it states some young adults. A recent study indicated adults no longer possess this fat. It’s said to work differently than white fat, where instead of being stored translates into energy combustion. It’s activated by extreme cold.

Hof’s fundamental belief is that we are capable of much more than we know and he’s very much proven that. A mystery man to many, he’s created an academy where small groups can learn his breathing techniques in different environments. There are 3 hour workshops, workshops and then immersion stages for those who want to practice this method.

Is it meditation? I’m not sure. It is a very concentrated breathing method where the main focus is on an “inhale and exhale” process. It doesn’t mimic yoga breathing techniques but is its own technique altogether.

I’m always saying we truly are capable of a lot more than even we can imagine. If I didn’t despise the cold so much I’d be tempted to try this but for now, I’ll admire this man from afar.

Scratch the Diet- Eat Well. Sweat Often.

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