Eat Clean Everyday- I call Bullsh*t!

I get it. We all want to eat well, we all want to make the best choices and we all want to proudly look back at our day and with a smug confidence say, I ate so well today. Well, that's great but is it possible and more importantly is it sustainable?

I call bullish*t. Let's stop trying to be perfect and admit the truth. Eating clean everyday isn't always easy.

After making several life changes, I'm at a 60/40 right now. I was at a 100%, comfortable at an80/20 with one cheat meal a week and today 60/40. My diet could use a little attention.

So what happened?

- I got lazy. I didn't meal prep or if I did, I still chose another option.

- I stopped moving as much. I stopped walking in the morning and going to the gym every day.

- I stopped planning. This was the number one fail. Planning keeps the cravings and the cheat meals away. When you plan accordingly, it's harder to deviate from your plan. By plan, I mean everything. What am I going to exercise today? What does my lunch look like and what about tomorrow's breakfast? These are all really important questions with solid answers that require attention, but more importantly they require action.

How do you return from a setback?

- Stop thinking and start doing. Meal prep, walk in the mornings, lift in the mornings and remember to MOVE all day long. It's not healthy to stay seated. Desk jobs ARE the ENEMY.

- If you can't motivate yourself, find a friend. If you don't have any friends, make a friend. Someone will want to work out with you, kick off a new habit and MOVE. Prefer to be alone? Get a playlist. Music moves mountains and it will move you too if you just let it.

- Dress accordingly. Recent studies indicate that fresh workout gear will make you feel like working out. Now just because you look the part, you also want to play the part.

- Take it easy on yourself. If something happened on Tuesday and you can only work out on Wednesday then focus on Wednesday.

Hope this tips help and remember, eat well and sweat often.

Scratch the Diet


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