Kickstart your day with these three habits

Mornings are rough for those of us who aren't morning people, the unicorns who wake up in a mystic haze of energy ready to tackle the day. I found these three habits helped reset my daily grind to set the stage for the day.

Plan the night before.

If you intend to work out in the morning, whether it's lifting weights, attending a class or even meditating, it's important to set your mind to the task. Make it easier on yourself by preparing your gym clothes, the water bottle, the energy drink if you must have one and make sure that you hydrate the night before. Because your body is resting for 8 hours, you are depleted of water and food so a quick breakfast might be in order as well. Planning makes all of that possible.

Decrease noise

With a family, this one is definitely a challenge but do your best. I recommend waking up before everyone so you can have some peace to yourself. Take a moment to practice gratitude. Some of you might frown at this because maybe it isn't a practice you currently have. Say thank you out loud for whatever you have in your life. This does not have to be profound. It can be your morning brew, your puppy Harry or maybe just the fact that you can walk, talk, run or think. My nephew was born with cerebral palsy so the latter are not things I take lightly.


Walk, run or go for a morning class. I've never heard someone say they wish they'd never worked out. The body automatically releases endorphins and guess what? The happiness sets in and it really does improve your mindset for the day. Keep your headspace where it needs to be for yourself.

These are my three habits. Others might recommend journaling or reading. I find those are both practices I prefer at night to unwind from my day. Remember to eat well and sweat often.

In health and happiness,

Scratch the Diet

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