Local Organic does a body good

Eating local is a great way to maintain your health. Local markets generally have foods that are natural to your area for that time or rather in season. By trying this approach, there are a few benefits.

It's budget friendly

If you find the source for your food chances are the prices are a little more reasonable than at the big box market. Normally farmers will give you a deal too if you buy in bulk. If you're an entrepreneur, start your own co-op and make a little more money.

Locally grown foods do not often suffer long shelf lives

Haven't you ever wondered why some foods last a long time? Be suspicious of anything that lasts over a week in or outside of your fridge. Normally additives provide the effect and you definitely want to avoid consuming these.

Meet the farmers that grow your food and ask as many questions as you like about the food you're about to consume.

I find chatting with farmers always provides new insight for me. I love to speak to the people who cultivate my food. Often they have suggestions on pairings and they'll even give you tips on how to best cook some items. A personal favorite is the avocado farmer. If you get to meet one of these people, be kind. They cultivate our food and are some of the most service oriented humble people one can ever meet.

In South Florida, we're fortunate enough to have several great farmers markets. The picture below was taken at Robert is Here. This is in Homestead the heart of our farmland. The place is usually full of lines, not just for the food but the natural shakes.

Scratch the Diet- Eat Well. Sweat Often.

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