Lose weight easily- I call Bullsh*t! - 5 ways to stop the self-sabotage

Everyone throws these words around like it's easy to do. After all, celebrity moms lose the weight in a blink of an eye. I call bullshit! If someone grows up eating well and exercising, the chances of them being able to maintain their health veers greatly towards success.

However, others like myself, who adopted healthier habits in their teens or later in life might struggle to keep on track. There are moments when self sabotage plays a role. So how do you keep yourself away from the trickery?

1) Choose a lifestyle not a diet. Are you someone who is never home? Do you need to eat on the run? Well then maybe looking at food delivery options or healthy QSR's is the best you can do right now. Making healthier choices out is a little easier today than before due to the opening of several both organic and food conscious businesses. Is it cheap? Usually not, these places cost a little more because the food is harder to come by but is it worth it? well, let food by they medicine-- Hippocrates. Please check out my article on Spafinder.com for further diet options

2- Keep the goodies away. If you've vowed off chocolate cookies, don't buy them. Save the indulgences for when you're out and about. Paying more for a snack on the road might make you think twice. Also if it's not in your home, its harder for you to snack on it.

3- Meal prep. Invest in the glass tupperware. Prepare the meals and just port them around with you. Never go

4- Tell people you're trying to make healthier choices. People will support you and your goals. The more people you tell, the more support you'll have. Find someone to have lunch with on a similar path. This too should help.

5- Move. Move like a tiger is chasing you. It is time to really understand how critical movement is to you. Elevators? Take the stairs. Drive to lunch? Try to walk. Cold outside? Invest in a treadmill or perhaps go back to basics- Sit-ups, push-ups and leg raises. Movement is critical. Do it as often as you can. Find a class that you like where you can dance, jump around, box, or simply challenge yourself. Make the most of the weekend and bike, skate, swim, surf or go for a hike. Nature is your friend and oxygen is imperative.

I hope these tips are helpful. I also urge you to think before you eat. Why are you reaching for an unhealthy choice? Will this next bite fuel my body or hold me down? If you find you are eating due to emotional reasons and have difficulty controlling your consumption, I recommend seeing a doctor. Food addiction is a serious ailment that we still do not know enough about and medical intervention is recommended.

Eat well. Sweat often.

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