Mental Games 101: Mind over Matter

If you correct your mind, the rest of you will fall into place-- Lao Tzu.

I'm often surprised at how mindset can change possibilities. When I'm not feeling good about myself, everything seems to weigh me down. Conversely when I am feeling good about myself, I tackle challenge after challenge without breaking a sweat.

Today I went for a mile run and as I was turning the corner, I saw the coolest tree. Perfect for climbing. I bet I could climb all the way to the top. Your mind dictates your possibilities day after day. So how do you set your mind up for success? This is a practice like everything else. People who are often successful are so because they started earlier on in life telling themselves that they would be or were fortunate enough to have someone tell them they could do it. I was told I could do or be anything from a young age, everyday by my father. In the nature of passing along my learnings, interestingly enough people often approach me and ask for advice or affirmation that their dreams are possible. I always confirm that yes they can do it.

When you create a space of affirmation, negativity is hard pressed. What are some habits you can cultivate to make yourself successful?

- Meditate or speak your affirmations every morning OUT LOUD. I can't stress the out loud part enough. We all need to believe in ourselves and in our dreams. The first step is speaking this truth to yourself every morning.

- Set timely goals. Without goals and deadlines, dreams sit on a shelf. Make your dream a reality by outlining your goal and the steps to get there.

- Share your dreams. Tell people you care about what you hope to achieve and that you can use their support. We are all creatures of service and feel good when we help others.

- Avoid Negativity. It is important to note that during this time you might need the support of like minded individuals. If you find your family and friends are not capable of supporting you at this time, turn to others who are like minded. You grow with a tribe of people. There are people who are trying to achieve their own goals too. Don't be afraid to seek them out.

- Speak kindly to yourself. Imagine your friend just shared these thoughts with you and support them. Make them feel like their goals are valid. Speak to yourself as if you were your own best friend.

I hope these tips are helpful. Change begins with your mind and how you choose to tackle each day. It does take time but you will accomplish these goals at your own speed. Be patient with yourself and you will come out winning.

Scratch the Diet. Eat well. Sweat often.

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