Sports Massage for Athletes

Some might look at this title and wonder can massage actually help you grow muscles? The short answer is somewhat. Most athletes and sports enthusiasts struggle with soreness and often engage in remedies like epsom salt baths, plunging in ice cold tubs and even over the counter medication like Advil to alleviate soreness. However, one item that's often overlooked is massage.

Thanks to companies like Massage Envy and Spafinder, massage is slowly becoming a cultural norm. This new trend is important as the benefits are many. Massage alleviates muscles where lactic acid resides and promotes circulation. It promotes flexibility, range of motion, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, and often helps prevent injuries. Never mind the mental benefits. Massage induces a state of relaxation that, given our faster lifestyles today, the body might not otherwise easily experience.

For me, massage has made a difference in my overall physical wellbeing. It's decreased downtime from exercise, increased my flexibility and improved range of motion. The soothing relaxation and calm I feel afterwards is also priceless.

Thinking of getting a massage? Read reviews near you. Often people promote their favorite masseur and it's important to choose one that will best understand the type of massage you need.

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